Ariane Zens
24th April 1994
Erftstadt – Germany

Design technical assistant with focus on object design
Communication designer with focus on fashion design & photography

Who am I ?

I am 23 years old and from around the Cologne area. Cosmopolitan, cheeky, creative and call myself a designer. Everything i do, even in my head is a part of a design. A world without graphic, photography or illustration can hardly be imagined. Whether explanatory or decorative, people can identify themselves with it.

Behind Chikuma Mirabili is Ariane, which get this name with Sweet16 from her japanese friend. She got big problems with the german pronunciation of Ariane, so she choose the name Chikuma, which comprised the japanese word “Chii” stands for blood and “Kuma” stands for bear. This words did she choose, because of the ideas and my special world view i has to offer. Two years later i choosed a last name. It was “Mirabili”, which means wonderful as in original Latin word.

Which services i have to offer?

⦁ Printmedia
⦁ Digital Painting
⦁ Corporate Design
⦁ Photo retouching & Movies
⦁ Typography
⦁ Infografic
⦁ Painting
⦁ Illustration
⦁ Fashion & object design
⦁ Make up
⦁ Print
⦁ Interior design
⦁ Architecture, Lost Places, Outdoor
⦁ Animal, Nature, Landscape
⦁ FYA (Follow you around), Wedding
⦁ Travel, Food, Product
⦁ Portrait, Kids, Pets
⦁ Extreme, Artsy, Fashion

With which photo-equipment do I work?
My equipment consisting of a Samsung NX20, two different lenses, Tripods, a detachable flash and five reflectors.

As Backgrounds conduce the broader spectrum of paradisiac naturelistic places around the Cologne area.